List of Species (wip)

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List of Species (wip)

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Arkanian - A tan skinned, humanoid species from the Colonies. They have white hair and eyes; and have four, clawed digits. They are typically extremely intelligent, and can see into the infrared spectrum. They stand between five and six feet tall, and have an average lifespan of about one hundred years, being considered a child until eleven, and reaching adulthood at seventeen.
Chiss - A blue skinned, near-human species from the Unknown regions. They typically have black hair; red reflective, or fluorescent eyes, allowing them to see better in lower light; and mature at an earlier age than humans; but despite these differences they are still similar enough to use the same kind of cloning tanks. They stand between five and six feet tall, and an average lifespan of eighty years
Echani - A pale, chalky skinned Near-Human species from the Inner rim. Due to being the result of genetic experimentation with the human genome, they always have white to silver hair and eyes. As the Echani are so similar in appearance many differentiate by body language and mannerisms, even among other Echani.
Epicanthix - A tall, muscular, tan skinned species of near-humans from the outer rim. They have dark hair; brown or green eyes; and most notably have an epicanthic fold (where the inner corner of the top eyelid folds over the bottom, notable in most east Asian peoples). They have an average height of six and one half (6.5) feet and an average lifespan of one hundred thirty (130) years.
Human - you should know this one.
Iridonian - A carnivorous near-human species from the Mid rim. They have black hair; green, blue, brown, purple, yellow, red, or orange eyes; and very rarely do Iridonians grow eyebrows or facial hair. Iridonians are most known for the many horns that grow atop their head, their odd skin colors (red, yellow, and orange in addition to human skin tones), and their sharp teeth, but less so for the fact that they have two hearts. They stand between five and six feet tall.
Miraluka - A force-sensitive, near-human species with pale to brown skin tones, from the Expansion region. Their hair is typically shades of brown or grey, including black and white; and they have no eyes, seeing instead through the force. They stand between five and six feet tall, and typically live up to eighty four years.
Nagai - A pale skinned, near-human species from the Unknown regions. They have black hair and grey eyes, their overall appearance being similar to that of a fresh corpse, or a vampire. They typically have very angular features, and stand between five and six feet tall.
Sith - A red skinned humanoids from the Outer rim. They have brown or black hair; yellow, red, green, orange or black eyes; facial tendrils that grow from the cheek; and cartilaginous eyebrow stalks. Their skin comes in varying shades of red and black, and they typically have small noses, and various protrusions of bone; such as from the shoulders, knees, elbows, or skull; as well as having sharp teeth. They are predominantly left handed, and often have three digit hands and feet (with the feet having two front facing digits and one back facing digit), though five digit hands and feet are not uncommon.
Sephi - A humanoid species with pale purple to pink skin tones, from the Expansion region. They typically have black, blonde, grey or white hair; black or brown eyes; and pointed ears. In addition to typical humanoid sexual dimorphism, the Sephi also have different hairlines across genders; with men having a 'V' shaped, receding hairline; and women having a rounded, upside-down, 'U' shaped hairline closer to their eyebrows. They have an average lifespan of two hundred years, but lifespans of four hundred years are not unheard of.
Taung - A tall, grey-skinned, simian humanoid from the Core Worlds. They occasionally have black hair, but more commonly have tendril-like growths of cartilage growing from their skull, sometimes connected by skin giving a fin-like appearance; They typically have yellow eyes; sharp claws; and bony ridges along the tops of their skulls. Their average lifespan is eighty five (85) years, being considered children until six (6) and reaching adulthood at thirteen (13), with an average height of six and one half feet.
Togruta - A Carnivorous humanoid species with a variety of skin tones from the Expansion region. Their skin tones vary from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, to white; Like the twi'lek they have lekku, albeit the Togruta typically have three, or in rare cases four; atop their heads they have two hollow horns, called montrals, that aid in echolocation; they occasionally have white stripes along their arms, legs, chest, lekku, or montral; they have, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, or black eyes. They stand between just under five feet, to just over six feet tall, and have an average lifespan of ninety four years.
Twi'lek - A largely hairless species of humanoids from the Outer rim. They have a wide variety of skin tones including: Blue, Green, White, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Tan, and Pink; they have red, hazel, yellow, orange, violet, brown, or green eyes; and have two lekku, or brain tails, hanging from the back of their skull. They have smooth skin; sharp, claw-like nails; and stand between five and eight feet tall.
Zelosian - A near-human species of sentient plant from the Mid rim. They are outwardly, completely indistinguishable from humans, the only oddity is that they always/only have green eyes, and their veins pump with a chlorophyll sap instead of blood. They are completely blind in the dark, and as such are often highly superstitious about night and darkness.
Zeltron - A near-human species with red/pink toned skin from the Inner Rim. They typically have hair ranging from shades of blue to shades of red, and everything in between; eyes in every color of the rainbow; and have not only a much higher metabolism than humans, but a second liver allowing them to eat much richer foods, and drink more/stronger liquor. They are also considered to be much more attractive than humans and other near-human species, this may or may not have anything to do with their powerful pheromones or telepathy. They stand between five and six feet, with an average lifespan of eighty years.


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