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Acyura (pronounced Ashura) Sato: Te Din'la Mand'alor (Mandalore the Mad), the current and reigning Mandalore, born and raised in Enceri. A Human Mandalorian of the Sato Clan, and rumored to by a distant relative of the Mereel clan. He adopted his Nephew Kando; a half-Iridonian, half-Human Mandalorian; after he was left orphaned. He is pale skinned, with dark hair and a slim physique; despite his delicate appearance, he is incredibly fast, surprisingly strong, and an extremely capable martial artist. He is viewed as distant and distracted, to the point of being oblivious; some believe this to be a ruse to lull others into not seeing him as a threat, likely due to his focus and determination on the battlefield.

Brikke Bralor: Chef and co-owner of the Oyu'baat tap-caf, alongside his wife, Brilla; born in Bralsin. A Nautolan Mandalorian who had to give up a life as a warrior due to a crippling leg injury. He spent much of his time in Keldabe looking after his niece, Ruusaan, while her parents away defending Concordia from an attempted invasion, during which time he and his wife came into ownership of the Oyu'baat. Brikke is tall and fit, but not overly bulky, however he walks with a limp and often uses a crutch as he can not bend his right leg at the knee due to an old war wound. He has light aqua skin, keeps his head-tresses pulled back in a ponytail, and has large maroon eyes. Brikke has a light-hearted, jovial outlook on life, enjoys telling jokes and stories, and is rather friendly all around; but when defending his family he has also shown a much less forgiving nature.

Brilla Bralor: Bar-tender and co-owner of the Oyu'baat tap-caf, along side her husband, Briike. A Zeltron Mandalorian with a tendency towards espionage, she left the spy games to settle down after her husband's leg injury. She was close friends with Kovid's late wife, and after her death began teaching Torian some tricks of the trade when it comes to Zeltrons and espionage. She has lust (a deep shade of red) skin; long, blush hair; sparkling, ruby eyes; and a slender and toned physique. She is arguably the most social person in all of Keldabe, and a crowd favorite at the Oyu'baat, where, in addition to tending the bar, she will perform various song and dance routines, often pulling people from their seats to join her.

Kando Sato: Biological nephew and adoptive son of Acyura Sato, born in Enceri, raised in Keldabe. He was left orphaned after his parents were killed fighting off an attempted invasion of Concordia. He is an orange skinned, half-Iridonian, half-Human Mandalorian with small, dark green horns crowning his head and a small, chopped ponytail of dark green hair centered atop his head. Kando has dark red tattoos spanning his entire body, traditional of Iridonians, most of which are long vertical stripes, with the addition of a simple, angular, stylized face over his own (making his head look similar to a jack'o'lantern). He is a timid, reserved, and soft-spoken individual, but in battle has a cold, determined focus that rivals his uncle's. Much like his uncle, Kando has a thin, delicate physique, and is short of stature, but through training has become a skilled martial artist, preferring slower, simpler, more fluid motions, too Acyura's quick, forceful style.

Kovid Buyce (pronounced Booshay): Former General and venerated warrior, now a chancellor and adviser to Mandalore, born and raised in Sundari. A half-Chiss, half-Sith Mandalorian of the Buyce clan, and director of the Cuy'val Dar, legend claims he once bested ten Jedi in lightsaber combat after entering the battle unarmed, using one of the jedi's lightsabers to defeat them, while the Jedi was still holding it. He is a Widower and the father of a half-Zeltron, one forth-Chiss, one forth-Sith Mandalorian named Torian. In spite of his age, he maintains a large and intimidating stature, His mixed race gives him a deep maroon skin tone, his eyebrow stalks and cheek tendrils perfectly emphasizing his permanent scowl. While he prefers blaster pistols and sabers, he is a master of unarmed combat as well, he is also highly skilled in the Juyo lightsaber form. Kovid is a stern and strict, no-nonsense individual, and views Acyura's distracted mentality as making him unfit to rule.

Ruusaan Bralor: Niece of Briike and Brilla Bralor, prodigy of tactics and combat, born in Bralsin. A Nautolan Mandalorian of the Bralor clan, and disciple of Kovid Buyce. She has pale green skin, black eyes with a deep crimson shimmer, and decorates her head-tresses with accessories she makes from bits of bone, leather, and feathers as 'hunting trophies'. She is a spiteful and vicious brat with a fiery temper, and takes much joy in the sight of blood.

Torian Buyce: The son of Kovid, born in Sundari, raised in Keldabe. A half Zeltron, one forth Chiss, one forth Sith Mandalorian, and student of Brilla Bralor. He has light, lavender skin; bright, periwinkle eyes; straight, shoulder-length, desire (a shade of red) hair; he is of small stature, but is quite fit regardless. He is friendly, sociable, and (partially due to his training with Brilla) a bit of a flirt. While he is generally on decent terms with his father, the two are quite distant due to their difference in personality, Torian also views Acyura as a kind of secondary father figure, despite his fathers dislike for the latter.


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