Galactic Standard Calendar

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Galactic Standard Calendar

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A galactic standard year consists of ten gs months, three extra fete weeks, and three extra holidays for a total of three hundred sixty eight days. Each gs month consists of seven gs weeks, each consisting of five gs days. (5 days = 1 week, 7 weeks = 1 month =35 days) As is on earth, there are twenty four hours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour, and sixty seconds in a minute.

Fete weeks are festival week that stand on their own, as opposed to being in a month. Fete being short for festival.
New Years fete week is the first week of the year, between the tenth month of one year and the first month of the following year.
Festival of Life is between the sixth and seventh months, often celebrated by parties, get-togethers, and gift giving, it celebrates life and loved ones.
Festival of Stars is between the ninth and tenth months, as it celebrates interstellar space travel, it is common for people to travel do other planets to celebrate.

Days of the week:
Primeday - Centaxday - Taungsday - Zhellday - Benduday

Calendar (for lack of actual month names I'll be substituting in the names of the months from the ancient roman calendar which also had ten months)
New Years Fete Week - Martius - Aprilis - Holiday Maybe? - Maius - Iunius - Holiday Maybe? - Quintilis - Sextilis - Festival Of Life Fete Week - September - October - Holiday Maybe? - November - Festival Of Stars Fete Week - December


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