The Oyu'baat (wip)

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The Oyu'baat (wip)

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:19 pm

Manda'yaim - Home planet of the Mandalorians, located in the Mandalore system, in the Mandalore sector, in the Outer rim.

Concordia - One of Manda'yaim's two moons, also governed by the Mandalorians.

Bralsin - a small farming settlement near Keldabe, overlooking Kelita valley.

Enceri - a small, remote town in the northern hemisphere, mostly used as a trading post, and supplied the settlement of Kyrimorut. Frequent rain causes the town's dirt roads to often become a muddy mess.

Keldabe - The Capital city of Manda'yaim, built atop a flat, granite hill along the Kelita river in the northern hemisphere. Home to the Oyu'baat tapcaf; the oldest, most renown tapcaf in all of Manda'yaim.

Kelita Valley - A verdant river valley in the northern hemisphere of Manda'yaim. A broad, shallow valley with dense woodlands and patches of cultivated farmland.

Kyrimorut - A small farming settlement near Enceri, home to the Skirata clan.

Olankur - A veshok forest located on the southeast corner of Manda'yaim's northern continent.

Sundari - a large, domed, bio-cube city in the deserts of Manda'yaim's southern hemisphere.


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