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Flora and Fauna

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Gi are fish with fatty meat. Often used for food.

Jai'galaare are a nocturnal, avian, predator; known for their piercing shriek, hunting prowess, and fierce defense of their nests.

Mythosaurs are large, horned, wingless, dragon-like reptiles; they are approximately the size of a small city.

Nunas are diminutive, bipedal, flightless birds. They are covered in a scaly skin and have a pronounced dorsal ridge. Nuna's have a prominent, jutting jaw, wattles on either side of their mouth, and a large anterior body cavity that inflates when they are agitated. They are often called Swamp Turkeys, and both the foul and their eggs are used for culinary purposes.

Pterosaurs are carnivorous, flying reptiles. They typically grow to two meters long.

Rawls are serpents, there are four kinds, fanned, giant fanned, spitting, and vine. They use the fan-like fins on thier body to swim, and grow to large sizes

Roba are large porcine creatures, the weight of the average adult being nine hundred kilograms (one thousand nine hundred eighty-four pounds). They are often used for culinary purposes.

Shatuals are forest dwelling animals, often hunted for it's meat.

Stathas are sleek, venomous reptile with a seemingly harmless appearance.

Striile are carnivorous mammals, with a rough leathery hide; often used as a pet/hunting companion by Mandalorians. They have six legs, gold or grey hair, a long tail (measuring one meter from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail), loose folds of skin that help them glide over short distances, two sets of ears, sharp teeth, and a pungent odor. They are capable of hermaphroditic reproduction, and typically live for three hundred to four hundred years.

Vhe'viine are small rodents with tan fur that changes to white as winter sets in. They are curious, burrowing creaturse with a dietary preference of grain, making them a pest to farmers.


Amber fern is a fragile, yellow fern that commonly grow in clumps in groves of Galek trees.

Behot is a rapid growing, citrus flavored herb with mild antiseptic and stimulating properties. It is used in Mandalorian cuisine, and a favorite for brewing shig.

Frond Grass is a deep green grass that thrives in wet areas, such as on or near the banks of rivers.

Galek trees live for centuries and grow very tall. They have silvery-white leaves and grow in small groves.

Neral is a grain used in Mandalorian cuisine as well as brewing.

Red Gourd is an edible, red gourd. Used in Mandalorian cuisine.

Resinwood is a typeof wood with a strong, yet sweet, medicinal scent.

Rice is pretty much a universal constant.

Varos a tropical fruit with a velvety aroma. Used in Mandalorian cuisine, as well as distilled to make Tihaar.

Veshok is a slow growing tree that produces a hard, sturdy wood. Veshaok forests cover most of Manda'yaim's northern hemisphere, stretching as far as the polar ice caps.

Vormur is a wild flower with  pleasant fragrance.

Warra nuts a common nut, often provided at drinking establishments. Used in Mandalorian cuisine as well as being served as a snack as is, or flavored (Hot'n'Spicy, Salt'n'Sour, etc...)


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